Do you need aerial photographs of a construction project? Timelapse videos over long periods look great and can even be used in the event of subsequent disputes.



4K or HD recordings and movies
High-resolution images of damage to hard reach buildings, skyscrapers or construction sites.

Here we enable you to damage, objects or close-ups of hard to reach places. These can be fireplaces, house facades, skyscrapers, roofs, construction sites, dams or similar objects.



4K or HD aerial and panoramic shots of e.g. your home, company property or construction site

Field surveys include, company land, company building, green space, hotels, public facilities, areas, quarry lakes, construction sites, houses or buildings.



4K or HD aerial photos of objects, land, agricultural fields and the like

Object photographs mainly contain houses or buildings. Here you can get pictures or flight material from all possible views. Also fall here below farms, castles and the like. Also cars Trucks statues




To capture the most beautiful moments. We offer first-class event recordings. Incl. Aftersales support like graphic editing.

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